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How TLC Respite Services impacts our lives...

"Our caregiver was patience, energetic, cheerful and interacted positively with our child.  The caregiver reinforced good behavior, was able to redirect conflict and was able play and interact with our child.  He was very understanding of our child’s needs and has given our child much needed support.  We highly recommend TLC Respite Services.”

-Cindy T., Snellville, GA

"TLC Respite Services has been just great! I used their services twice last month. Having someone trustworthy that is able to come to my house and watch my 2 year old and 4 year has been such a relief. It's allowed my wife and I to go to the grocery store and actually focus on shopping, and allowed us to go to the movies and enjoy each others company. I highly recommend TLC Respite Services for any of your respite needs." 

-Jelani G., SW Atlanta, GA

"My son has received respite care from TLC Respite Services LLC since January 2019. They are very attentive to the special needs of my child and family's needs as well. Mr. Chinedu Okoh is  professional, personal and very skilled at what he does. I am always amazed at how fortunate we are to have found a respite provider to meet my son's needs. He has met all my scheduling requests and has been a huge support to our family. I don't know what we would do without TLC Respite Services. They are truly the BEST in this profession!"

-Jessica F., Fairburn, GA

"I highly recommend TLC Respite Services for families of children with autism.  My son has autism, and most of the time he is a sweet, adorable and loving young man.  However from time to time, an interruption or other issue will bother him and without other communication skills he will resort to screaming, hitting, biting & other aggressive behaviors.  When he was younger & smaller, we could more easily manage the outbursts but as he is entering adolescence the situations have become much more challenging.  
With our son's severe behavior issues, we were specifically referred to Chinedu for respite services.  Chinedu is a good companion to my son during the good behavior times - doing activities together with my son that he enjoys.  But what most impresses me about Chinedu is that he retains calm control even through the worst of my son’s tantrums.  My son can be screaming at the top of his lungs or doing other aggressive behaviors, and Chinedu retains his calm & keeps the situation safe and works to bring everything back under control.  
Chinedu truly cares for my son - they like hanging out with each other during good times and when my son’s aggressive behavior is an issue, Chinedu calmly & appropriately resolves every situation.  I am very thankful Chinedu has come into our lives."

-Lars and Brooke O., Atlanta, GA

"If you are looking for Respite Services, I highly recommend TLC. We have known Chin for several years, as he was Elijah’s therapist at Marcus, when he went through their 12 week Intense behavior program.Recently, used TLC for Jonathan and I to have a weekend away. Both Elijah and Gavin had a great time!"

-Jonathan and Melissa K., McDonough, GA

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